Definition of compost bin in English:

compost bin


  • An outdoor container in which garden refuse and other organic waste is deposited in order to produce compost.

    ‘I have a compost bin in which I put my all kitchen scraps and grass cuttings’
    • ‘Compost bins can be purchased at most garden centers or you can easily construct your own bin.’
    • ‘The green, dried portion of the plant can be added to the compost bin.’
    • ‘Each class has a green bin for waste material which is collected for the compost bin.’
    • ‘The sensible decision: buy fresh bulbs each fall, enjoy the blooms, then add the faded plants to your compost bin.’
    • ‘They hope to use the compost from their compost bin to enable children to have first-hand experience of organic gardening.’
    • ‘So I keep a pile of rotted bark mulch near my compost bins.’
    • ‘Tough, outer leaves can fed to rabbits and poultry, or tossed into the compost bin.’
    • ‘Raw kitchen waste goes straight in the compost bin.’
    • ‘Add the garden debris to your compost bin, remembering to turn your compost materials thoroughly to get your compost working again.’
    • ‘We keep a small bin in the kitchen for this waste and take it out to the compost bin every couple of days.’