Definition of compossible in English:



  • (of one thing) compatible or possible in conjunction with another.

    • ‘Good and bad desires can then be defined as those which are compossible with, respectively, as many and as few other desires as possible.’
    • ‘My speaking Finnish is compossible with the facts considered so far, but not with further facts about my lack of training.’
    • ‘To say that a number of constituted meanings are compossible is to say no more than that a transcendental subject has in fact succeeded in constituting them.’
    • ‘From there, I had to wonder if the mathematics of games force a conscience to develop (and to be sometimes ignored) in any suitable civilization in any compossible world invented by God.’
    • ‘He has declared that he does not care to accept the propriety of compossible rights and will not be bound by them.’


Mid 17th century: from Old French, from medieval Latin compossibilis, from com- ‘together with’ + possibilis (see possible).