Definition of compositional in English:



  • 1Relating to the production of a creative work such as a poem or piece of music.

    ‘new compositional techniques arose’
    ‘the painting's compositional or dramatic structure’
    • ‘It is a striking compositional effect that brings to mind certain paintings by Miro.’
    • ‘Some people downplay emotion and pursuit of meaning and focus only on compositional beauty.’
    • ‘This compositional ideal transformed the musical into a messenger not only of emotion, but also of environment and the existential.’
    • ‘This music portrays a composer in full command of his artistic and compositional powers.’
    • ‘Raphael and Michelangelo developed his compositional complexity, particularly in the pyramidal groups of Raphael's Madonnas.’
    • ‘While he hasn't the compositional skill of Browne, he nevertheless comes up with songs of real genius.’
    • ‘The sea he painted, however interesting the compositional elements, was always dictating the terms.’
    • ‘Architecture is both the foundation of a peaceful society and the compositional framework for Chasseriau's allegorization of it.’
    • ‘From a photographic and compositional standpoint, the movie is gorgeous.’
    • ‘The wind quintet suite seems to sum up his compositional concerns: rhythmic energy and independence, contrast versus blend.’
  • 2Composed of various elements.

    ‘strategies adopted in these fields tend to be compositional in nature’
    • ‘The six compositional factors consistently associated with drinking patterns in previous studies are gender, ethnicity, age, income, education, and relationship status.’
    • ‘We hypothesize that chemical compositional factors of barley more accurately reflect digestible energy of barley.’
    • ‘There is evidence that compositional and functional properties of bone are affected by boron status, with a worsening under circumstances of boron deprivation.’
    • ‘Milk was sampled and sent to a dairy lab for compositional analysis.’
    • ‘Previous studies show specific compositional changes of the cartilage, indicating loss of certain biochemical components.’
    • ‘Even within the compositional specification for a given stainless steel, corrosion resistance can vary.’
    • ‘You should request from the manufacturer the compositional information on the product purchased.’
    • ‘Looking up and down the central atrium, its compositional rigor and strength are evident.’
    • ‘We'll develop a compositional guideline that says your grass cuttings must not contain more than X parts per million of this or that.’
    • ‘Nutrient and compositional standards for school meals should be mandatory.’