Definition of componentry in English:



mass noun
  • The parts of a machine or vehicle considered collectively.

    ‘while the styling is retro, the componentry is from the 21st century’
    • ‘The company exports fully built aircraft as well as aircraft componentry.’
    • ‘To look at, these cars are far from exotic, but their componentry is highly unusual.’
    • ‘The bikes offered versatility but sacrificed design and componentry.’
    • ‘Tweaks to the suspension geometry and componentry make the latest car an even more accomplished handler than its predecessor.’
    • ‘This may seem pretty far out in a way, but the componentry involved here is very inexpensive.’
    • ‘Early prototypes of the system have a simpler shape more reminiscent of stereo componentry.’
    • ‘It is safe to say that this comparatively economical vehicle is one with some higher-priced componentry.’
    • ‘Designers are already incorporating Mercedes componentry in their concept vehicles.’
    • ‘The problem with the damaged componentry was not one company administrators wanted repeated.’
    • ‘The company designed and manufactured a new set of castings to house the fragile electronic componentry.’