Definition of componential analysis in English:

componential analysis


mass nounLinguistics
  • The analysis of the meaning of a word or other linguistic unit into discrete semantic components.

    • ‘The process of breaking words down into semantemes is known as componential analysis and has been most often used to analyze kinship terms across languages.’
    • ‘Thus, in transformational-generative grammar, the semantic component is entirely stated in terms of sense or semantic components, as described above in terms of componential analysis.’
    • ‘The study explores new directions into which componential analysis of meaning can be developed, particularly from the perspective of cognitive linguistics.’
    • ‘A third goal of the present study is to apply a componential analysis separating these two factors.’
    • ‘The second section presents two examples of componential analysis involving the family kinship system and color.’


componential analysis

/kɒmpəˌnɛnʃ(ə)l əˈnalɪsɪs/