Definition of complimentary in English:



  • 1Expressing a compliment; praising or approving:

    ‘Jennie was very complimentary about Kath's riding’
    ‘complimentary remarks’
    • ‘Of course, many of the rowers had seen the TV show and were all surprisingly complimentary about our efforts and achievements.’
    • ‘The second was rather less complimentary and said he was more non-League than World Cup winner.’
    • ‘But this should be seen as something complimentary.’
    • ‘We have received some very complimentary remarks from our customers about the facilities and the services we offer.’
    • ‘Even the odd complimentary remark can annoy me a little.’
    • ‘Seeing himself on screen afterwards was pretty scary, though colleagues had been complimentary.’
    • ‘There are others, not all of them quite so complimentary.’
    • ‘They read it at tempo, at sight and were very complimentary about the arrangement.’
    • ‘The comments from the young whipper snappers were less than complimentary.’
    • ‘Three inspectors spent three days at the 60 pupil village school in September and their findings were all complimentary.’
    • ‘Although the report is complimentary about many facets of life in the maximum security prison, it says work is needed to improve in some of the key areas.’
    • ‘I want to make a comment about my colleague Simon Power, who was so complimentary of the rest of us here tonight.’
    • ‘A complimentary comment about a recent survey ensured that colleague Michael joined me one sunny lunchtime.’
    • ‘Sammy smiled and said something complimentary about the cooking smells.’
    • ‘There are blogs that block opposing views and post opinions only complimentary to the subject at hand.’
    • ‘He was, if anything, less complimentary than the inspector had been.’
    • ‘Hope you don't mind, but my comments range from the highly complimentary to severe criticism.’
    • ‘It was used ubiquitously but never in complimentary terms.’
    • ‘Except for complimentary remarks about the food, little was said during the meal.’
    • ‘In any case, the letters he received from editors when they returned his manuscripts were invariably complimentary about his prose.’
    flattering, appreciative, congratulatory, admiring, approving, commendatory, laudatory, highly favourable, glowing, eulogizing, adulatory
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  • 2Given or supplied free of charge:

    ‘a complimentary bottle of wine’
    • ‘Daniel offered me a drink of complimentary champagne, but I shook my head vehemently.’
    • ‘Each quiz entrant will receive a complimentary strip of tickets for the raffle that will take place during the night.’
    • ‘You will get a complimentary bottle of California wine and your service charge is waived in the Traveler.’
    • ‘We hadn't even ordered when the waiter brought us complimentary glasses of decent champagne.’
    • ‘Each sponsor will be proved with two complimentary tickets for the show, valued at €10 each.’
    • ‘Enjoy a feast of bistro food and one complimentary beverage.’
    • ‘Some of the stalls offered their own product discounts and complimentary gifts, to encourage customer sales.’
    • ‘They were also given the chance to try complimentary treatments including Indian head massage as well as joining local fitness centres.’
    • ‘The hotel had no notification of our complimentary tickets.’
    • ‘A complimentary gift basket will be delivered to you in appreciation for the time taken to complete the survey.’
    • ‘The lovely and complimentary long-stemmed roses at the brunch will show your special gratitude for her caring.’
    • ‘A complimentary copy will automatically be sent to everyone leaving behind an e-mail address.’
    • ‘At most, I could get a complimentary bottle of wine, but inspiration came free, he said.’
    • ‘In exchange for volunteer services, the club would provide a complimentary match ticket for any area of the ground for every game.’
    • ‘Instead, each passenger will receive a complimentary bottle of distilled water.’
    • ‘I heard similar comments as I waited in the long line for the complimentary drinks when it did open.’
    • ‘Guests will be treated to a buffet, complimentary champagne and party favours.’
    • ‘Most theaters offer complimentary tickets if you review their show for the paper.’
    • ‘Here, guests can enjoy a variety of reading materials and complimentary refreshments.’
    • ‘I was starving this morning and the complimentary breakfast was much appreciated.’
    free, free of charge, gratis, for nothing
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