Definition of complainingly in English:



  • See complain

    • ‘Humans dwell complainingly in a quite narrow range of climates; ants live without demur at every extreme, in tundra and rain forest, in swamp and desert, deep beneath the earth and in the topmost trees.’
    • ‘She is calling attention to her clothes, complainingly.’
    • ‘We packed up the scope first, then the picnic stuff, and the kids went (sleepily and complainingly) into their carseats last.’
    • ‘The rich moved complainingly into well-fortified hotels, and the police and firemen helped themselves to the contents of bombed or abandoned homes.’
    • ‘We are accustomed to governments not doing what we elect them to do, so we carry on uncomplainingly (or complainingly in my case) without demanding answers from our elected representative.’