Definition of comping in English:



mass noun
  • 1British informal The practice of entering competitions, especially those promoting consumer products.

    ‘she received her copy of Competitor's Companion and entered the exciting world of comping’
  • 2The action of playing a musical accompaniment, especially in jazz or blues.

    ‘the guitarists approach the delicacy of Cole in their comping’
    • ‘Graf's rhythm guitar and Paul LaBrise's able piano comping usually free him up to do whatever he wants, too, and his responses to the vocal melodies are usually more interesting than the vocals themselves.’
    • ‘When Soler steps up to his Rhodes to take a solo, it's more like a talented amateur comping than a meaningful elaboration on a musical theme.’
    • ‘The comping and soloing chapters contain numerous ‘grooves’ to illustrate stylistic elements.’
    • ‘Although Wonder is an accomplished keyboardist, the keyboard in his pop songs consists of comping (patterns accompanying the vocal melody).’
    • ‘The head is a beautiful meditation that is aided by McBee's sensitive, free foundation and Markowitz's rubato comping.’
    • ‘Hunter's detailed comping is as engaging as any of his solos.’
    • ‘DeJohnette takes a solo over a loose vamp by Holland and some free comping by Allen.’
    • ‘Melodies fly across liquid ensemble passages that break into caustic soloing - collisions between soloists, aggressive comping, drummers who knock around like they're ripping the floorboards out from under you.’
    • ‘The solos are strong enough to withstand the rhythm section's energetic and interactive comping.’
  • 3The process of making composite images, especially electronically.

    ‘Stefan did the comping and rendering, and it came together just great’