Definition of competitive exclusion in English:

competitive exclusion


mass nounEcology
  • The inevitable elimination from a habitat of one of two different species with identical needs for resources.

    • ‘However, other patterns in species' distributions failed to provide evidence of competitive exclusion at high productivity.’
    • ‘Consequently, daily variations in irradiance may slow rates of competitive exclusion or reverse the identity of the superior competitor but not allow stable coexistence.’
    • ‘Spatial heterogeneity may also maintain genetic diversity through niche specialization, which would prevent competitive exclusion and periodic selection.’
    • ‘In modern ecosystems, this is frequently due to competitive exclusion of previously established species, though such causal factors cannot be applied to these fossil taxa.’
    • ‘Seasonal mammals may be absent from the far north because of purely abiotic limitations or because of competitive exclusion by continuous species.’