Definition of compensator in English:



  • See compensate

    • ‘Manufacturers tailor compact, uncooled cameras for airport screening applications by adding temperature compensators, analysis software, or self-calibration capabilities.’
    • ‘The cockpit lights flickered again and their inertial compensators malfunctioned for a second, throwing them about a bit.’
    • ‘What I am interested in is determining which stance provides the best all-around control, under duress, using a defensive handgun without benefit of compensators, ports or other gadgets.’
    • ‘Problems arise occasionally, but contemporary masks, fins, snorkels, regulators and buoyancy compensators are far better than they were even a few years ago.’
    • ‘This article reports only on aspects related to the identification and systematization of these stressors and compensators in order to understand them from teenagers' point of view and experiences.’