Definition of compensation water in English:

compensation water


mass noun
  • Water supplied from a reservoir to a stream in time of drought.

    • ‘It was noted that the use of the compensation water would lead to doubling of the installed power and the annual energy.’
    • ‘Owners of impounding reservoirs should also inform recreational bodies - including fishing, boating or canoeing clubs - of the expected pattern of compensation water discharges and, as far as possible, spillway flows to downstream water courses and the consequent effects on river flows and levels.’
    • ‘Although the river thrives from the luxury of having compensation water when required, spate water usually provides the best fishing towards the back end.’
    • ‘The pipe which allows compensation water to be drawn from loch Monar is clearly visible.’
    • ‘On my most recent visit to this fly-only water, with the help of the hydro's compensation water, I had two bright ten-pounders on the bank by midday and had lost twice as many.’
    • ‘The order may also specify the quantity of compensation water to be provided when the water level or flow will be adversely affected by abstraction.’
    • ‘The 1892 Act of Parliament which allowed the water scheme to go ahead set minimum levels of compensation water to be released into the river, with financial penalties if these were not maintained.’
    • ‘Because of access difficulties the works were constructed from the lower end of the existing spillway involving the installation of a temporary bridge over the compensation water outlet.’
    • ‘In future all compensation water will enter the river directly from the reservoir itself.’
    • ‘At present Wayoh Reservoir is used only for compensation water and has a yield equal to the amount of compensation water prescribed by Act of Parliament.’