Definition of compassionately in English:



  • See compassionate

    • ‘Much of the overspend is due to the fact that the council has responded compassionately to the needs of vulnerable people.’
    • ‘Champions of individual liberty often believe even more firmly than critics in doing the right thing, including acting generously, compassionately, and helpfully - in the spirit of community.’
    • ‘In the process, Nicholson actually transforms the unlikable Schmidt into a sympathetic and compassionately tragic character.’
    • ‘We know this because he tells us so in speech after speech, and he shows us so by posing compassionately with little urchins in photo-op after photo-op.’
    • ‘When people have an instinctive belief that a crime will be investigated, prosecuted and punished swiftly, compassionately and impartially, it indicates that their country is or is becoming what we all want a nation to be.’