Definition of compass rose in English:

compass rose


  • A graduated circle printed on a map or chart from which bearings can be taken.

    • ‘With a simple mental command, he called up a map of the area, and summoned a compass rose.’
    • ‘The wax revealed a compass rose made up of cross bones.’
    • ‘Sometimes the chart is highly decorated with religious images, illustrations of local rulers, flags, coats-of-arms, compass roses and town vignettes.’
    • ‘At the $8 tier, Sunrise will be spun off as a separate brand and replaced by Xplorador, crafted especially for the U.S. market and featuring a compass rose and map on the label to symbolize adventure.’
    • ‘Speaking of new functions in version 2.12, what is the interpretation of the ‘second transparent arrow’ in the compass rose?’
    • ‘I don't use the Garmin maps that often, and especially not in flight (I've got too much else to do), so the arrow and compass rose that the Galileo displayed was really fine by me.’
    • ‘The compass rose is a symbol for the Special Forces Brigade’
    • ‘The sepia tones of the land areas yield to soft blues and greens that continue over the ceiling, anchored by a compass rose in the ceiling's center.’
    • ‘Arrayed around it like points on the compass rose were sections of the house.’
    • ‘Above the sign was painted an ornate compass rose to indicate the necessary direction.’
    • ‘It is printed with a compass rose marking the eight standard directions, N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SE, SW.’
    • ‘The IQ-Compeo will display the values of six user selected variables (from a list of 18 possible variables) in the lower half of the screen surrounding the compass rose.’
    • ‘It was round, with a glittering gold compass rose painted on the ground.’