Definition of compartmental in English:



  • Characterized by division into separate sections.

    ‘the compartmental interior of the church’
    • ‘Importantly, the stochastic and compartmental nature of the simulation allows these models to be directly tested by high-throughput approaches, such as quantitative image analysis.’
    • ‘Officers said it appeared that some of the compartmental walls which joined the roof were not properly sealed to stop flames spreading.’
    • ‘It must be a shared task, because the planet does not operate in the same compartmental ways as human communities do.’
    • ‘To formally explore this possibility, we construct a compartmental model of a substratum-adherent cell, and focus on how the extracellular space parameters affect fluxes of water and of bilayer after a shrinking perturbation.’
    • ‘It has now given its response, in which it also said the partition identified in the fire report was ‘not designated as a compartmental wall requiring double sheets of plasterboard to provide 60-minute fire resistance’.’
    • ‘The authors have also carefully assessed the sensitivity of the algorithm to the quality of the compartmental model, uncertainty about the channel models and their distribution, and experimental noise.’
    • ‘There is also a little compartmental box that allows you to store little screws and screwdrivers.’
    • ‘The presence of this fibular attachment has important implications in clinical practice as far as compartmental pressure measurement and decompression protocols are concerned.’
    • ‘Data on compartmental findings were not collected.’
    • ‘One of the most invigorating features of much modern scholarship has been the breaking down of the compartmental barriers that have stood in the way of an integrated and rounded cultural history of the period.’
    • ‘These observations may suggest a more complex compartmental and perhaps time-dependant relationship of human expression of NOS within the newly forming granulomatous tuberculosis lesions and surrounding tissues.’