Definition of comparison shopping in English:

comparison shopping


mass noun
  • The practice of comparing the price of goods or services provided by different shops or companies before making a purchase.

    • ‘Feel free to tell the dealer that you are comparison shopping, just don't reveal any quotes you've received.’
    • ‘I tend to do plenty of research before making purchases, and do comparison shopping most of the time.’
    • ‘This makes comparison shopping (comparing prices on similar items at different stores) easy.’
    • ‘Olson says investors buying individual bonds should do a little comparison shopping.’
    • ‘During the last shopping trip to my local grocery store, I did some comparison shopping with a few more commonly purchased items.’
    • ‘He adds: "The Internet added comparison shopping to the mix."’
    • ‘The 2,800-square-meter emporium houses 25 marques under one roof, making comparison shopping - normally a tedious process - a snap.’
    • ‘Comparison shopping on the Internet can be helpful, especially for those who look for Canadian pharmacy sites.’
    • ‘The consortium estimates the average household could save about $1,000 a year by comparison shopping.’
    • ‘Many people who visit travel sites are just comparison shopping.’
    • ‘The customers start using that benefits list for comparison shopping.’
    • ‘Ten years later, Stuart reported on his own comparison shopping.’
    • ‘Comparison shopping has its moments of minor euphoria.’
    • ‘You can also do some comparison shopping for used air compressors at auction sites like eBay.’
    • ‘There are partial solutions being implemented that automate rate tables for a single carrier or allow limited comparison shopping for a few basic services.’
    • ‘Once you have these little details in mind, then you can start your comparison shopping.’
    • ‘Similarly, the exchange for comparison shopping is really a non-factor barely worth mentioning.’
    • ‘The general feeling now is that shows are more for comparison shopping than signing deals.’
    • ‘For conventional refinances, be sure to do comparison shopping among lenders to find the best terms.’
    • ‘Maybe Jacob should have done some comparison shopping or checked out Consumer Reports first.’