Definition of comparatist in English:



  • A person who carries out comparative study, especially of language or literature.

    • ‘Certainly unmediated contact with alterity is impossible, and even pseudo-globalism is better than critical isolationism; comparatists struggle daily with such matters.’
    • ‘In general terms, membership affords the opportunity and context for association with comparatists throughout the world representing diverse interests, perspectives, and methods of inquiry.’
    • ‘The comparatist style of analysis is especially valuable for the innovative contrasts, and also in terms of countering the English-only linguistic imperialism of our new world order.’
    • ‘One could say that his reach exceeded his grasp, for Rothko was not a professional philosopher or historian of art, nor indeed a professional cultural comparatist (this last discipline could hardly be said to exist at the time he wrote).’
    • ‘The editors have enlisted several overseas experts for important chapters, but this book exhibits above all the strength of a new generation of seasoned comparatists based in German-speaking lands.’
    • ‘Over the last few years, interest in literary predecessors has justifiably fallen into disfavor among comparatists for being Eurocentric and essentialist.’
    • ‘It is to be hoped that comparatists concerned with the links between the early novel and such nonfictional forms as the memoir, the diary, and the travel account will take advantage of the opportunity to repay the debt.’
    • ‘The MLA Publications Committee has also launched a new series, ‘World Literatures Reimagined,’ aimed specifically at comparatists.’