Definition of company sergeant major in English:

company sergeant major


  • The highest-ranking non-commissioned officer of an infantry company.

    • ‘Steve, who is in the Royal Artillery, was promoted from sergeant to staff sergeant while Tania, who was a company sergeant major in the Royal Logistics Corps, is now regimental sergeant major.’
    • ‘One of the wreaths was laid by 90-year-old Chelsea Pensioner Martin McClane, a company sergeant major, who served with the 2nd Battalion Durham Light Infantry.’
    • ‘A veteran of the Boer War, Gallaher was a company sergeant major in the Great War when, on October 4, 1917, he lost his life at Passchendaele.’
    • ‘It contains many anecdotes, some including my father and godfather, and Cyril's testimonial at the end was written and signed by my father, who promoted him to company sergeant major, a post that did not usually go to territorial soldiers.’
    • ‘He rose to the rank of company sergeant major before his honourable discharge in 1975.’
    • ‘At the high school level, the first rank is recruit, followed by private, lance corporal, sergeant, staff sergeant and company sergeant major.’
    • ‘Jim, who now lives in Woodsmoor, joined the Army for three years instead of two as it meant getting more than double wages, but Eric, now of Brinnington, served 33 years and became a company sergeant major.’
    • ‘It caused a lot of casualties: the company commander was very badly hit, the only subaltern was hit, the company sergeant major was hit and about 40 or 50 were wounded or killed.’


company sergeant major