Definition of company-wide in English:


adjective & adverb

  • Extending throughout a company.

    as adjective ‘a company-wide wage freeze’
    as adverb ‘we recycle the paper we use company-wide’
    • ‘New membership joins rose 7 percent this quarter company-wide.’
    • ‘Accountants love nothing more than a constant company-wide charge for a service.’
    • ‘Very few new product introductions result in company-wide, double-digit sales increases.’
    • ‘How you actually achieve such a company-wide customer focus is open to question.’
    • ‘The consultants issued a company-wide memorandum requesting that employees refrain from using abusive language.’
    • ‘We enhanced our corporate ethics program and accounting controls, hired a new Chief Ethics Officer and completed company-wide ethics training.’
    • ‘Last Saturday, The New York Times reported that Ford executives have been working behind the scenes to develop a company-wide strategy for carbon-dioxide reductions.’
    • ‘He was asked to present the results in a company-wide management update meeting.’
    • ‘We go through four or five cases a week company-wide.’
    • ‘"Please find a way to save $1,000, each of you," he wrote in a company-wide email.’
    • ‘With all of the media mergers, there are increased opportunities to reach across different divisions and access company-wide assets.’
    • ‘Once executives in a company are educated to the risks, there is a much better chance that security practices and policies will be adopted company-wide.’
    comprehensive, overall, across the board, blanket, umbrella, mass, total, complete, wholesale, sweeping, panoramic, broad, broad-ranging, extended, inclusive, all-inclusive, all-round, generic, outright, encyclopedic, indiscriminate, catholic
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