Definition of companionability in English:



  • See companionable

    • ‘Observers noted a growth in the number of married women workers, the decrease in family size, the increased companionability of working class marriages, and the emergence of an apparently reformed working class masculinity.’
    • ‘At first she is charmed by them, and comforted by the companionability of the housekeeper, Mrs. Grose.’
    • ‘Majoring on looks can give the impression that you rate such attributes as kindness, good humour, wit, passion, companionability and compatibility as secondary to appearances.’
    • ‘For anyone traveling alone, or someone who is naturally gregarious, the cheery companionability of the other guests might have been fun.’
    • ‘I can think of several reasons why British radio is going through such a good time. There's companionability: radio's gift of appearing to talk just to me.’