Definition of companion-in-arms in English:



  • A fellow soldier.

    • ‘Under the command of General Eisenhower, 70,000 Americans, together with British, Canadian, French and other allied companions-in-arms, set foot on the beaches of Normandy.’
    • ‘The individual war gamer competes for the envious glances of his companions-in-arms for the most beautiful display.’
    • ‘As a conquistador and established colonizer of Guatemala, Rodríguez Cabrillo returned to Spain in 1524 and [in] 1525 married Beatriz Sánchez de Ortega, sister of a companion-in-arms.’
    • ‘Robert the Bruce is understood to have gifted the land to his companion-in-arms, Sir Alexander Seton.’
    • ‘There he met his Brazilian-born wife Anita who became his companion-in-arms and heroine of the Risorgimento, and who fought side by side with her husband.’
    • ‘Some of my companions-in-arms had them made at their pleasure; others not.’
    • ‘We had been troopers together in the 19th Alberta Dragoons, in 1914, but, early in 1915, after being wounded and whilst still convalescent, I transferred to the British Army, and lost touch with my old companions-in-arms.’
    • ‘The Laird of Cockpen was a companion-in-arms to Charles II who fought with him at Worcester and was in exile with him in the Netherlands.’
    • ‘She became his companion-in-arms in all his public and cultural undertakings.’
    • ‘On such considerations have I and my companions-in-arms acted in the course we have pursued.’