Definition of compact camera in English:

compact camera


  • A small, simple 35 mm camera with automatic focusing and exposure.

    • ‘The picture, taken with an ordinary compact camera, captured the moment the three-year-old conquered her fear of water.’
    • ‘Overall I would highly recommend the Digital Rebel to anyone who wants to take their photography up a level from their digital compact camera.’
    • ‘His hands slipped into his pocket and brought out a tiny Sony Nanocam miniature digital camera, the newest in compact cameras.’
    • ‘Even so, this still looks like overkill given users of such compact cameras typically only print ‘standard’ 10 x 15 cm prints.’
    • ‘The first and out of hours prize winners receive digital cameras and the Under 16 winner receives a compact camera.’
    • ‘She has now graduated from a small compact camera to a Canon EOS 50E and is studying for a photographic journalist qualification in Sheffield.’
    • ‘It's a four megapixel compact camera, and it cost only £95.’
    • ‘I am fond of it, and I like using an SLR rather than a compact camera.’
    • ‘The compact cameras where you are not looking through the camera's lens have a compensation for this, but it is a poor substitute.’
    • ‘Announced in February 2004 (alongside an otherwise identical 4MP camera, the Coolpix 4200), the Coolpix 5200 represents the latest in a long line of ever-smaller Nikon compact cameras that stretches all the way back to the late 1990's.’
    • ‘Panasonic continues to enhance quality, mobility, style and joy of photography with a compact camera.’
    • ‘Before the world developed that wonderful little pop-up flash on your compact camera, that ‘knows’ it has to come up when the light levels are low, Kodak were offering the Amateur Flashlight Outfit for those who would brave the dark.’
    • ‘Now for all those with auto-flash, whether that be in a compact camera or SLR, here's something you can do.’
    • ‘Last week I wrote about buying a compact camera.’
    • ‘You can still get good shots with the cheaper compact cameras, but great shots need great cameras.’
    • ‘The special photographs we will end with can be taken by anybody with a fully automatic point and shoot compact camera.’
    • ‘These days, even compact cameras have shutter speeds faster than poor old J-H's first cameras, and the top of the line SLR's have shutter speeds as fast as 1 / 4000th of a second combined with motor drives exposing multiple frames per second.’
    • ‘Olympus said it will focus its digital camera business more on high-end SLR devices and away from consumer-oriented compact cameras, the company said.’
    • ‘My basic rig only cost about #300 to #400 over and above the cost of a decent compact camera.’
    • ‘Sometimes a good compact camera is all you need.’