Definition of community services card in English:

community services card


  • A card which entitles the holder to reduced charges for some medical services, given to people on low incomes.

    ‘the new clinics are for adults who hold a Community Services Card’
    • ‘Preliminary figures show that people are accessing primary care based on their need, and not on some arbitrary targeting tool such as the community services card.’
    • ‘In total, 57% were eligible for a Community Services Card.’
    • ‘The Government's policy is to phase out the community services card, which we inherited from National.’
    • ‘It will also continue to support those who have a community services card.’
    • ‘Is it going to be over the limit of the community services card: over $19,900?’
    • ‘The subsidy was reduced in February 1991 under the previous National Government, and in 1992 was removed altogether for all people, including older people, except for those with community services cards.’
    • ‘I do not know whether he could live on $19,980 a year, but that is the level of the community services card.’
    • ‘The Trust provides completely free insulation to families qualifying for the Community Services Card and with a relevant health condition.’
    • ‘Under the community services card regime, people who earned over $19,999 a year were rich enough to pay for their primary-care services.’
    • ‘It turned out to be more difficult to identify exactly what the barrier was since many of the participants have community services cards for reduced medical charges.’