Definition of community card in English:

community card


  • (in some forms of poker) each of a number of cards dealt or turned face up for all active players to use.

    • ‘The Flop is/are the first three community cards.’
    • ‘Texas Hold'em - The poker game where each player gets two down cards followed by five community cards face-up.’
    • ‘Each player gets two down cards followed by five community cards which are dealt face-up in the centre of the table.’
    • ‘Players must use two cards and only two cards from each hand to combine with the community cards.’
    • ‘Then "the flop," where a set of three "community cards" is revealed.’
    • ‘Betting takes place at various stages of the dealing, the first round occurs before any community cards are dealt, and the final round commences after the last card is dealt.’
    • ‘The winning hand must use exactly 2 down cards and 3 community cards.’
    • ‘We play it with 6 cards dealt to each player and 4 community cards.’
    • ‘Omaha - A game in which each player receives 4 facedown cards and shares 5 community cards.’
    • ‘Three community cards are turned (like in Texas Hold'em).’
    • ‘In Hold'em, a pair in the hole that is larger than any community card on the board.’
    • ‘The "turn" card is the fourth community card.’
    • ‘Each player gets 2 down cards and can use 3, 4, or 5 of the community cards.’
    • ‘After the initial round of betting, there are three community cards dealt face up.’
    • ‘Each player must construct the best hand possible by using the two cards dealt to him and the community cards.’
    • ‘In the rare case of the best hand consisting of community cards only, the pot is divided between all the players left in the pot at the showdown.’
    • ‘Both the pocket cards and the community cards can be used to make up a hand.’
    • ‘Over the next few days we'll deal out "the board," five community cards that belong to everybody.’
    • ‘Three cards are dealt as community cards, a fourth card comes, and finally the fifth community card is dealt.’