Definition of communion of saints in English:

communion of saints


  • A fellowship between Christians living and dead.

    ‘his concept of a minority culture was modelled on a communion of saints’
    • ‘What if we began by situating clergy within an impressive community of learners: namely, the communion of saints past and present who strive to live more graceful lives as followers of Jesus?’
    • ‘We, Catholics, believe in the communion of saints.’
    • ‘If there's any justice in God's realm, then surely she's with the communion of saints.’
    • ‘What he urges is a renewed sense of the communion of saints, an inclusive community that transcends the boundaries of time and space, including that boundary that separates this world and the next.’
    • ‘Moreover, the creed tells us that we belong, by calling, to the communion of saints both living and dead for whom intercessory prayer is the natural medium of communication.’
    • ‘As this group shared the Lord's Supper, many had a special sense of doing so in the midst of a communion of saints.’
    • ‘It stresses the duties of the married couple to their family, but also the example and support of the communion of saints, ‘those holy pairs’ who have borne witness to the virtues of marriage.’
    • ‘The invitation extended is to the whole church; when any individual enters into this communion it is through the church and with the communion of saints.’
    • ‘I hope he doesn't want it back, because I really sleep by it, I really believe in the communion of saints, that they help us in Heaven, Larry.’
    • ‘In a very real sense the sanctuary is filled with the communion of saints as the assembly is mindful of those who once occupied the pews and are now at rest in God.’
    • ‘We are never alone in liturgy but always in the company of angels, in the communion of saints, and in the comfort of all creation.’
    • ‘We cannot imagine their world but we can be joined with them in the communion of saints and pray for them.’
    • ‘What's more, these parishes are visible reminders of those who have gone before us, an important connection to the communion of saints.’