Definition of communications satellite in English:

communications satellite

(also communication satellite)


  • A satellite placed in orbit round the earth in order to relay television, radio, and telephone signals.

    • ‘New commercial remote-imaging and communications satellites are being launched at an increasing pace.’
    • ‘These sites have giant radio antennas that can pick up all traffic handled by communications satellites.’
    • ‘Mobile telephones, the internet and communications satellites have developed a long way.’
    • ‘The station can receive more than 5,000 programmes from 53 communications satellites and transmit them to a French satellite, which then sends the programmes all over the world, Chen says.’
    • ‘The receivers being developed will be used on communications satellites and will reduce the dependence on ground-based stations for position determination.’
    • ‘China re-entered space yesterday evening, sending a communication satellite into orbit.’
    • ‘In the early twenty-first century, the space around Earth is filled with orbiting communications satellites, mostly owned and operated by private industry.’
    • ‘It had more to do with launching communications satellites (to enable our interactive networks) than going to space.’
    • ‘Still other communications satellites are used to relay reconnaissance pictures to ground stations or to troops in the field.’
    • ‘It pulls down millions of phone, email, and fax communications going through to international communications satellites located over the Pacific equator.’
    • ‘And communications satellites will make it possible for reporters to instantly transmit heartbreaking stories and scenes of civilian carnage that are not always put in context when picked up by other media outlets.’
    • ‘A 1994 solar storm caused major malfunctions to two communications satellites, disrupting newspaper, network television and nationwide radio service throughout Canada.’
    • ‘In July of that year it achieved this through the Apollo Program, going on to a number of unmanned space flights and to placing spy satellites, together with weather and communications satellites, into the earth's orbit.’
    • ‘By far the most common satellite type launched, and perhaps the one that has had the greatest impact on people's lives, is the communication satellite.’
    • ‘Perfect for TV and communications satellites.’
    • ‘It is expected to disrupt the communications satellites and high frequency radios.’
    space station, space capsule, spacecraft
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