Definition of communication skills in English:

communication skills

plural noun

  • The ability to convey or share ideas and feelings effectively.

    ‘you'll need good communication skills and must be able to work well with others’
    • ‘If you lack good communication skills you will always have difficulties.’
    • ‘I'm there to help build their confidence, social skills and communication skills.’
    • ‘Their written communication skills surpassed those of their classmates.’
    • ‘You need to identify specific communication skills, in presentation, writing or negotiation.’
    • ‘Demonstrating good verbal communication skills during an interview reassures the interviewer that you can use those same skills in the position you're seeking.’
    • ‘Developing good communication skills is essential.’
    • ‘Students with strong oral communication skills met with campus administrators to convey the purpose of the project and to garner support.’
    • ‘We need to focus much more directly on developing all students ' verbal and written communication skills - especially for boys.’
    • ‘Communication skills are also a critical capability for investigators.’
    • ‘It's no secret that effective communication skills, are one of the keys to success - and that includes public speaking.’