Definition of commonage in English:



mass nounBritish
  • 1The right of pasturing animals on common land.

    • ‘In 2001 40 farmers established their commonage and grazing rights on the 426 acres of land.’
    • ‘Any farmer with commonage has been paid.’
    • ‘Several of his neighbours with rights to commonage beside Michael's land also had turbines erected.’
    • ‘Sheep farmers with commonage have been informed that their sheep quota has been cut as stated in letters sent out by the Department of Agriculture.’
    • ‘Farmers have to either accept the recommended destocking level; have it checked by an agricultural consultant or opt out of using their commonage altogether.’
    • ‘All farmers with ewe quota and commonage must comply with the relevant framework plan in order to be eligible for direct payments from the Department of Agriculture.’
    • ‘In February 2001 the Minister for Finance made a declaration to 40 local farmers which acknowledged and established their commonage and grazing rights on the lands.’
    • ‘Farmers can appeal their commonage on an individual basis.’
    • ‘What is even more worrying is where a farm has not used his land and commonage for a number of years he now finds that his property is almost valueless.’
    1. 1.1 Land held in common.
      • ‘The building is situated next to the legislature and very close to a bushy open commonage, where various species of snakes have found a haven.’
      • ‘It has around 10 acres of land and a half share of 34 acres of commonage.’
      • ‘The Heath commonage has had a chequered legal history with local animal owners obtaining grazing rights to the lands owned by the State.’
      • ‘The Lally's farm 43 ha of inside land as well as 142 ha of commonage.’
      • ‘However, arable land, dwellings and residences were lost, access to commonage denied and development promised by the betterment never materialised.’
      • ‘Mr. O'Connor also criticised them for not publishing the results of Commonage Framework Plans which will determine sustainable stocking levels on commonage.’
      • ‘For example, if sheep grazing on commonage lost their markings, quick traditional methods were to hand to allocate the animals and so avoid the creaky slowness of the law.’
      • ‘The farm consists of green and bog-type land with a share in commonage.’
      • ‘This came to a head last week when local farmers were in confrontation with local police concerning a group of horses, which had been grazing on the mountain commonage.’
      • ‘The wind farm is being constructed on commonage.’
  • 2The common people; the commonalty.