Definition of common room in English:

common room


  • A room in a school or college for use of students or staff outside teaching hours.

    • ‘They are a lot like my recollections of sitting with friends in the common room in college and reading the the newspaper.’
    • ‘The bell had rung but I just sat on one of the chairs outside the common room as I thought about the real reason Chase and I had broken up.’
    • ‘The couple's romance began back in the common room of Basildon College.’
    • ‘The anticipated space crisis spurred a plan to reclaim all existing classroom space, including those without windows, to free up some administration space, to reduce the space held by staff, and finally to eliminate common rooms.’
    • ‘Anyway… we went to the common room and watched the television for an hour then headed up to the Dining hall for supper.’
    • ‘I next saw him in the common room, between lessons.’
    • ‘I got annoyed at my assignment at about 6pm so i went to the common room and fell asleep for 2 hours.’
    • ‘I myself watched the 1983 World Cup final in a college common room in Calcutta.’
    • ‘I sat in the common room outside his office, having tea and talking to some of his post-doctoral students.’
    • ‘He moved against the wall and slipped down into the common room where some students were quietly studying.’
    • ‘The 18th Century building is currently being used as a library and common room by Green College.’
    • ‘For the next two hours, until tea is served in the common room, the Hollywood actress asks the Cambridge professor question after question.’
    • ‘Sixth-formers will benefit as well with new accommodation, including a common room, study area and courtyard.’
    • ‘The common room sat in the middle, the brightly coloured furniture off-setting the white walls.’
    • ‘The 1,800-student Putney school would have new classrooms, study space and common rooms for the 250 sixth-formers.’
    • ‘Outside near the diner, they have removed all the benches in a bid to get students into the fabulous common room.’
    • ‘They were in the common room, which was basically a big living room where most students hung out.’
    • ‘He was speaking at Harvard, in a common room, to about 20 students.’
    • ‘The bell signals dinner at six, and all students have to be back in the common rooms by nine; the bell rings then, as well.’
    • ‘The pointed building to left of the entrance is the pupils' common room.’
    sitting room, lounge, parlour, front room, drawing room, morning room, reception room, salon, family room
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common room