Definition of common jury in English:

common jury


  • A jury for which no qualification of property or social standing was required.

    Compare with special jury
    • ‘His father, who was charged with complicity in his sons crime, was, as a peer of the realm, not amenable to a common jury.’
    • ‘The second trial was held on May 16th at the Central Criminal Court before Baron Pollock and a common jury.’
    • ‘Judge Massaro remembers in particular the case of Italian American exclusion in the common juries of 12 members in criminal cases based on the widespread stereotyping that tied them to criminal associations or the Mafia.’
    • ‘Yesterday, before Mr Justice Charles and a common jury, the case of Buchanan v. Langtry came on for trial.’
    • ‘No matter how important the case may be, nor how large the interests at stake, they have to take the verdict of a common jury composed of men taken out of the street, as it were, although the case may involve huge interests, and be very complicated.’