Definition of common gull in English:

common gull


  • A migratory gull with greenish-grey legs, found locally in northern and eastern Eurasia and north-western North America.

    Larus canus, family Laridae

    • ‘Scotland has seen significant rises in populations of gannets, common gulls and puffins, but other species, such as the arctic tern, are in steep decline.’
    • ‘‘There is the largest number of breeding common gulls anywhere in Central Scotland, primarily down by the storage in the high security area around the submarines,’ said John.’
    • ‘When we arrived at the island, we were greeted by a flock of Tree Swallow, the usual assortment of common gulls, and a few Killdeer.’
    • ‘But as black-headed and common gulls tend to feed on farmland, it seems likely that farmland is the origin of the outbreak.’
    • ‘Other than that, it was just common gulls, ducks, and geese.’