Definition of common council in English:

common council


  • A town or city council, now only in London and some parts of Canada and the US.

    • ‘The new charter eliminated the old city council with its 72 member common council and the twelve member ward elected board of alderman.’
    • ‘They would most certainly have known the equally civic-minded Stretch, who served on Philadelphia's common council from 1708 until his death in 1746.’
    • ‘Over the fourteen years since his first election to the old common council, Curley had accomplished a great deal.’
    • ‘A common council was given the power to make laws not contrary to those of England or the province.’
    • ‘The 1822 charter eliminated the legislative power of the people in town meetings, replacing them with a large common council of 48 members and a smaller board of aldermen with 12 members.’
    • ‘He also served on the common council of Philadelphia for many years, and was particularly active on the watering committee, which was responsible for overseeing the city's waterworks.’