Definition of commoditize in English:


(British commoditise)


  • another term for commodify
    • ‘‘Water has been commoditized, and the standards dumbed down to benefit large bottlers,’ says Johnson.’
    • ‘Both products had suddenly become commoditised, barriers to entry were very low, and prices were dropping dramatically.’
    • ‘He argues that information technology will follow the paths of earlier technological inventions such as railways and electricity and become commoditised, and thus lose its value.’
    • ‘Certainly, there are some industries that are maturing and commoditizing products (which is a good thing), which should lead to opportunities for certain industries to restructure.’
    • ‘It pioneered and eventually withdrew from manufacturing personal computers when they became commoditised and could be made more cheaply by somebody else.’
    • ‘Even with the emergence of off-the-shelf hardware and software, the router market won't become as commoditized as the PC market.’
    • ‘‘Things that we look forward to using from them are commoditized services such as desktop support,’ he explains.’
    • ‘We will start to commoditise IT services by offering ranges of service level to suit the client.’
    • ‘But by creating the interest, by putting their private life up for auction in this way, doesn't the celebrity also commoditise themselves?’
    • ‘As much as the sensor suppliers try to create advanced and unique sensor technology, the competition quickly catches up and once again commoditizes the component.’
    • ‘How do we best streamline the process of retraining for the new tasks as the old ones become commoditized?’
    • ‘Each, therefore, has a strong incentive to neutralize its competitors' strengths by commoditizing the parts of the stack that are most important to them.’
    • ‘Of course, the business of commoditizing the industry, which is likely to happen, can wait a while.’
    • ‘Bidders are likely to offload parts of the group, which has struggled as its market has become increasingly commoditised.’
    • ‘His goods have become commoditised, sales are slowing, while rents and labour costs are rising.’
    • ‘This is a generation that will know of nothing that isn't commoditised and cannot be packaged up and sold back to us.’
    • ‘At the same time, basic wireless technology is becoming commoditized, which lowers barriers to entry for newcomers, especially from Asia.’
    • ‘I agree that auditing has been commoditized.’