Definition of committee stage in English:

committee stage


  • The third of five stages of a bill's progress through Parliament when it may be debated and amended.

    ‘he moved two amendments during the Committee stage’
    mass noun ‘a new clause had been added at committee stage’
    • ‘The bill will now go to the committee stage in the House of Commons later this month.’
    • ‘The bill will now pass to a committee stage, where it is expected to come under further criticism and revision.’
    • ‘Yesterday, a Private Member's Bill passed its committee stage in the House of Commons.’
    • ‘The bill is most thoroughly examined at the committee stage.’
    • ‘The bill finished its committee stage in the House of Lords last week - where it ran into such criticism that Ministers were forced to make amendments to some of the proposals.’
    • ‘His speech brought home the huge number of issues still to be resolved, even though the Bill is already in its second week of the committee stage.’
    • ‘It seemed that when the Bill was going through the committee stage the government would simply improve the wording and solve the whole problem.’
    • ‘However, the committee stage of the bill will give the Attorney General an opportunity to iron out any anomalies that are capable of being ironed out.’
    • ‘The Bill passed the committee stage and is now close to sailing through Parliament.’
    • ‘Peers can now seek to amend the bill at committee stage later this month.’
    • ‘Three days of detailed scrutiny and debate at the committee stage in the Lords begins a fortnight today and after further discussion in the Lords the Bill is expected to return to the Commons by the middle of November.’
    • ‘Mr McDowell said yesterday he would be bringing in further measures during the committee stage of the bill in the autumn.’
    • ‘The Lords will allow the bill to continue to the committee stage where its terms could then be considered line-by-line in October and any additions or withdrawals made.’
    • ‘Many MPs from all parties remained in Westminster on Friday to support the bill which now moves on to the committee stage where it will be subject to amendment as MPs hammer out its final form.’
    • ‘The bill underwent its fourth day of scrutiny during the committee stage in the Lords on Monday.’
    • ‘But Labour backbenchers have threatened to rebel if changes are not made to the Bill at the committee stage before it goes for its third and final reading.’
    • ‘But despite a vigorous debate and opposition from some MPs, the Gambling Bill has been voted through to the Parliamentary committee stage.’
    • ‘In the committee stage of the bill, Labour voted for the clause.’
    • ‘More likely Labour MPs will amend it during the committee stage to an outright ban.’
    • ‘A senior government source last night said the proposed amendments were likely to appear when the Bill is discussed by MPs during its arduous committee stage, beginning next month.’


committee stage

/kəˈmɪti ˌsteɪdʒ/