Definition of commissioner in English:



  • 1A person appointed to a role on or by a commission.

    • ‘The traffic commissioner is responsible for issuing licences to bus operators.’
    • ‘Last month, a commissioner was appointed in England and Wales with the power to impose multimillion-pound fines on the Law Society south of the Border if it failed to handle complaints appropriately.’
    • ‘There were the high-profile interventions: Tokoroa High School, where a commissioner was appointed after allegations of bullying and financial mismanagement.’
    • ‘The council has already decided to appoint a commissioner to oversee the process: ‘Everyone here, including the mayor, has a bias,’ says Raymond.’
    • ‘The commissioners raised concerns about traffic impact, noise, and possible financial loss by businesses near the circuit.’
    • ‘The commissioners presided over Traffic Courts, and were required to take a number of factors into account when determining applications.’
    • ‘We all want to see the best person in the job, and we are looking forward to working with the new commissioner in her role.’
    • ‘The town held its collective breathe while the Government appointed a commissioner to come and sort it all out.’
    • ‘The commissioner's role will be to receive and process complaints about judges, to identify those requiring a full investigation because they raise a question of removal of a judge.’
    • ‘The commissioner for public appointments, who will take over the job of monitoring quango and public sector posts from the previous UK administrator, will cost £413,830.’
    • ‘Dublin City Council was last abolished in 1969 when an appointed commissioner took over the running of the city until 1973.’
    • ‘A newly formed board of commissioners would then appoint a board of managing directors, thus allowing the bank to emerge from administration and to return to normal activity.’
    • ‘I posed your question to an official in the commissioner's office.’
    • ‘This strengthens the commissioner's primary role as an advocate for children.’
    • ‘It was also established that the management of the Banco de San Fernando would be inspected by a commissioner, a royal appointee paid for by the bank.’
    • ‘I will be most interested to see what role the commissioners will be carrying out.’
    • ‘The treaty provides that there be one commissioner per member state until 2014.’
    • ‘Ferry operators are now to be regulated by a commissioner appointed under the Bill and funded by ferry operators.’
    • ‘The traffic commissioner's office, once located in Talbot Road, Old Trafford, was moved to Yorkshire in 1997.’
    • ‘The health commissioner's role was envisaged as negotiating and mediating complaints and grievances of patients and heightening professional understanding of patients' rights.’
    1. 1.1 A representative of the supreme authority in an area.
      • ‘Area commissioner Solly Moloi applauded the community for their efforts.’
      • ‘Scott followed his ancestor's footsteps into politics a bit when he was an area commissioner for the Columbus City Council.’
      • ‘The commissioner is in charge and he is in the best position to make such a decision.’
      • ‘She must also provide a copy of a police report signed by the commissioner or other authorized personnel.’
      • ‘Human rights and diversity projects to bring about effective policing are moving at a snail's pace due to a lack of management support from police station commissioners.’
      • ‘The area commissioner yesterday conveyed his condolences to the bereaved families.’
      • ‘He said the area commissioner should be advised to treat everybody equally because Resolution 7 did not make provision for preferential treatment.’
      • ‘The directive required permission from the mayor, managing director and police commissioner for undercover operations against political organizations.’
      • ‘Police chiefs and district commissioners attempting to end jurga law find no government support.’
      • ‘The commissioners were official representatives who were supposed to explain why their state had seceded and encourage similar action from their audiences.’
      • ‘The town's new police station commissioner Superintendent Celani Magwaza said teamwork would produce good results in the war against crime.’
      • ‘In this case the prison embarked on the two - meal system from Monday without even consulting the area commissioner.’
      • ‘In the end, the only thing that's clear for general managers and commissioners is that the mayor is in charge, and can fire any of them at will.’
      • ‘Mlilwana said his son's life of crime had ‘impacted negatively’ on his status as an area commissioner.’
      • ‘The high court has ordered that deputy commissioners and local authorities should not permit land conversion and construction without sanction of the metropolitan planning authorities.’
      • ‘Morokane said: ‘The smell of death hangs over the house and even the area commissioner said it was the most horrendous killing he had seen.’’
      • ‘He added that matter would be further discussed at the next joint meeting of the township commissioners and sewage authority at 4 p.m.’
      • ‘Maclean suggested his office's close working relationship with the area commissioner's office on policing matters led to the city's positive outcome on the national crime report.’
      • ‘Bannion soon becomes upset over the lack of progress in finding his wife's killer and he accuses his superior and the police commissioner of dragging their feet due to pressure from the syndicate.’
      • ‘Counsel for Supt Lennon said that his side may need discovery of documents unless the defence told them what Gardaí were being represented by the commissioner at the tribunal.’
      delegate, ambassador, attaché, envoy, emissary, chargé, chargé d'affaires, commissary, deputy, aide
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    2. 1.2 The head of the Metropolitan Police in London.
      • ‘The warnings from the likes of the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and the head of MI5 that an attack was inevitable had their desired effect of psychologically bracing the capital.’
      • ‘Tory party leader called for the Metropolitan Police commissioner to conduct a full inquiry into the ‘disgraceful’ leak.’
      • ‘In order to demonstrate progress on race relations, John Othello is made the first black commissioner of London's Metropolitan Police force.’
      • ‘The comment by the Metropolitan Police commissioner, that this may happen again and its implication that we have to accept deaths as one of the risks of policing London are really alarming.’
      • ‘The Metropolitan police commissioner says compulsory identity cards will make a difference in dealing with the terrorist threat.’
      • ‘As has been made clear to the Americans, the Metropolitan police commissioner is in charge of the operation.’
      • ‘Britain's top policeman, the Metropolitan Police commissioner, has warned an attack in London is both imminent and inevitable.’
      • ‘Last week, the Metropolitan police commissioner, said much of the 5% rise in violent crime in London was due to knife use.’
      • ‘But since his wife, Desdemona, confesses straight away to the Metropolitan commissioner of police that she murdered her husband, there is not much in the way of narrative suspense.’
      • ‘The commissioner of the Metropolitan police appeared on television [on Sunday] to support the government's plans to introduce ID cards…’
      • ‘The commissioner of London's Metropolitan police force says more than 30 per cent of robberies and muggings involve mobile phones.’
      • ‘During the inquiry the then Metropolitan Police commissioner had also emphatically opposed any suggestion of institutional racism and declared that he would resign if any such conclusion was drawn.’
      • ‘During 1997 several police chiefs, including the Metropolitan commissioner, began to emphasize what they saw as a growing problem of police corruption.’
      • ‘The deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, said that the register was needed because of a rise in youngsters turning to violent crime.’
      • ‘The then Metropolitan police commissioner, warned us last year that an attack was inevitable.’
      • ‘This was the outgoing commissioner of the Metropolitan police speaking.’
      • ‘The then Metropolitan police commissioner, said on the news that I was 18 seconds away from being shot.’
      • ‘The Metropolitan Police commissioner presided over the death of a demonstrator at the hands of police in 1887 in Trafalgar Square.’
      • ‘Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, is said to have been kept informed of the sensitive police inquiry into the incident.’
      • ‘The explosions were attempts to kill that had failed, the Metropolitan police commissioner said tonight.’
      administrator, ruler, chief, leader, principal, head
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    3. 1.3North American A person appointed to regulate a particular sport.
      ‘a baseball commissioner’
      • ‘Compared with commissioners in other pro sports who are hired by team owners, he has considerably more power in regard to competition.’
      • ‘Sportswriters usually save this kind of stuff for major-league owners, the commissioner, or the head of the players union - the people who run things.’
      • ‘Then, on his way to his office at Milwaukee's County Stadium, the baseball commissioner stopped to do a family errand.’
      • ‘Even 16 years later, Ryan still seems to be stung by the fact that the baseball commissioner's office did not have a representative on hand for the historic game.’
      • ‘The commissioner of baseball, Bud Selig, suspended Rogers for 20 games and fined him $50,000 on Friday.’
      • ‘So much so that when the sport was in trouble in the 1950s, many people thought Koppett would have made a fine commissioner to bring the sport out of its doldrums.’
      • ‘She's said her ‘dream job’ would be NFL commissioner.’
      • ‘Please be the caretakers that you should be, commissioners of our sports, and protect sports because they're part of the fabric of America.’
      • ‘You may not get exactly what happened in a private meeting involving the commissioner of baseball, but I think it's the most honest section of a newspaper or in the periodicals.’
      • ‘‘People are more skeptical about what they see on TV, especially sports,’ the commissioner explains.’
      • ‘Baseball's commissioners have been a mixed lot.’
      • ‘In baseball's new economic world, the commissioner's office essentially sets the prices teams can pay draft picks.’
      • ‘‘Up there,’ the baseball commissioner said, lifting high his left arm toward the right field upper-deck seats, halfway out.’
      • ‘Drug tests are what owners and sports commissioners institute to cover the PR angle.’
      • ‘Some agents, however, say the commissioner's office is pressuring teams to comply as quickly as possible.’
      • ‘The baseball commissioner's office is now investigating the incident.’
      • ‘The commissioner of Major League Baseball needs to make Pete Rose eligible to be in the Baseball Hall Of Fame.’
      • ‘He's been the best commissioner in professional sports in our country for a long time, and I think that what he did was the right approach for right now.’
      • ‘He contends that in a misguided effort to promote baseball, the commissioner and owners have bent their sport out of shape.’
      • ‘The rules of retaliation changed in 2001 when the commissioner's office put a greater onus on umpires to reduce benches-clearing incidents.’


Late Middle English: from medieval Latin commissionarius, from Latin commissio (see commission).