Definition of commission of the peace in English:

commission of the peace


  • The Justices of the Peace in a particular jurisdiction considered collectively.

    ‘all had been admitted to the Glamorgan commission of the peace’
    • ‘There were many reasons why the gentry sought positions on the commission of the peace.’
    • ‘What was more, one great advantage of commissions of the peace was that they gave the more important gentry a certain stake in the idea of law.’
    • ‘With the help of an English researcher, the actual lists of the commissions of the peace that included John Winthrop have been identified and copied.’
    • ‘From the 14th century commissions of the peace made up of local nobility and gentry were appointed in the counties.’
    • ‘The administration of royal justice from the fourteenth century rested heavily upon the amateur services of those of the county elite who were appointed to royal commissions of the peace to hold judicial sessions four times a year (the Quarter Sessions).’