Definition of commission agent in English:

commission agent


  • A person who transacts business on commission, typically on behalf of a principal from another country.

    • ‘These days he's a commission agent for a commercial real estate company in Auckland and he's hard to avoid in the media - on television, on radio and with a column in the New Zealand Truth.’
    • ‘Established in 1970 with the approval of the Korean Government, the company is comprised of a group of commission agents representing overseas manufacturers and suppliers.’
    • ‘The economic offences committee will also deal with financial disputes between commission agents and the farmers.’
    • ‘Money was taken as loan from the commission agent.’
    • ‘For four decades now, he has been working in a firewood shop as a daily wage labourer till recently and is now a commission agent.’
    • ‘Mr Grainger originally joined the firm as a consultant and commission agent in autumn 2003 to work with the then managing director.’
    • ‘Where the commission agent concludes a contract with a third person, the commission agent shall directly enjoy rights and assume responsibilities in relation to the said contract.’
    • ‘It's the same corrupt arrangement as it existed in the colonial days when the big shot commission agents ran things and oversaw all trading transactions and movement of goods across the hinterlands.’
    • ‘Delayed announcement of prices creates serious problems for farmers, private agriculture development agencies like commission agents and even for the procurement agencies in the long run.’
    • ‘From the 1830s the old expatriate merchant dynasties faced growing competition from commission agents operating on the instruction of traders in the importing market.’
    • ‘Joseph, who had been a commission agent for the California borax industry for its entire history and whose shares represented the firm's second-largest holding, was made vice president.’
    • ‘On the evening after the tsunami, commission agents were said to be hunting for railway building contractors and suppliers of high speed locomotives.’
    • ‘It should also enable them to resists the blandishments of the banks, brokers, and other commission agents plying them with offers of seemingly generous quantities of credit.’
    • ‘The very large pools Betfair musters, even on provincial mid-week races in Australia, will be very inviting to commission agents, and other bookmakers.’