Definition of commie in English:


nounPlural commies, Plural Commies

derogatory, informal
  • A communist.

    • ‘I don't support censorship or rooting out the Commies, but I do think it means that mainstream organizers and people of conscience have to take a more active leadership role.’
    • ‘And I'd hate to think the Commies were ever ‘winning’.’
    • ‘‘Only Commies used words like peace and freedom,’ he later recalled.’
    • ‘If you were barmy enough to believe that the Commies really would infiltrate the corridors of power through brain-washing, then you were barmy enough to believe anything.’
    • ‘It's now 13 years since the Commies got booted out, and free enterprise is booming.’
    left-winger, fabian, syndicalist, utopian socialist
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derogatory, informal
  • Communist.

    • ‘The ruthless Commie officers have to shoot their own soldiers, because they're running away from the Germans.’
    • ‘The four Cubans were declared the advance guard of the 1952 Commie contingent.’
    • ‘Number one is Cuba, the perfect destination if you love those ‘faded Commie icons,‘as the magazine put it.’
    • ‘For fifty years, Poland was under Nazi, then Stalinist, then various other forms of Commie domination.’
    • ‘Why are you going to show us that Commie movie?’
    left-wing, fabian, syndicalist, utopian socialist
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1940s: abbreviation.