Definition of commercially in English:



  • In a way that is concerned with buying, selling, and making a profit.

    ‘kiwi fruit is now also grown commercially’
    ‘he made historical drama appear commercially viable’
    • ‘Such foods are an estimated five years away from being available commercially.’
    • ‘He is Scotland's most commercially successful artist.’
    • ‘Doesn't this seem as if the agency would push tow pilots to be commercially licensed?’
    • ‘Commercially available fish toxicants contain complete directions on the label for total population elimination.’
    • ‘These insect-resistant crops have been stopped from being grown commercially for the next three years.’
    • ‘Recently, several organic forms of minerals have become commercially available.’
    • ‘Commercially canned foods can be placed on a tray to check for leakage that may not be apparent.’
    • ‘I was constantly searching for appropriate commercially produced books.’
    • ‘Every bag of commercially prepared feed should have a tag stitched to the bottom.’
    • ‘Varietal screening done in quarantine by reveals that virtually all the existing commercially grown soybean cultivars are susceptible.’