Definition of commercialized in English:


(British commercialised)


  • Designed principally for financial gain; profit-orientated.

    ‘Christmas is overly commercialized’
    • ‘The first casualty in commercialised research is the free exchange of ideas.’
    • ‘The appeal of this extraordinary country is rarely found in more commercialized destinations.’
    • ‘Cocobay is positioned in a virtual beach haven on the quieter, less commercialized section of the Island.’
    • ‘With the development of a commercialized mass culture, former privileges of cultural practice became accessible for a growing portion of society.’
    • ‘Through the late 1960s, there was no operating experience data from which to derive cost estimates for commercialized nuclear plants.’
    • ‘Linked to the music business are commercialized fashions which change on an ever more rapid basis.’
    • ‘It is a requirement for researchers to disclose inventions which may be commercialised through the office for technology licensing.’
    • ‘The report makes recommendations to how to increase the rate at which PSRE research can be successfully commercialised.’
    • ‘I shudder at the thought of "commercialized" festivals sponsored by corporations cashing in on our spirituality.’
    • ‘Such changes towards a commercialized society destabilized Scottish society, leading to support for the Stuart pretender across the seas in France.’
    • ‘He was aware of the danger of yoga being commercialized.’
    • ‘The modern, more commercialized Christmas began to emerge in the 19 th century with the new custom of purchasing gifts for young children.’
    • ‘In recent decades, weddings have become increasingly commercialized.’
    • ‘Basically residential layouts over a period of time have been commercialised.’
    • ‘The personality development movement may appear to have been commercialised.’
    • ‘You need to get them involved in an economic agenda where they can see the results of their labour commercialised.’
    • ‘Already by 1913, recreation was a profitable, commercialized concern for the proprietors of amusement parks.’
    • ‘Most of the pensioners in the Royal Mail scheme never worked for the modern, commercialised postal service.’
    • ‘HIV / AIDS has been commercialized at the expense of the lives of people.’
    • ‘We all have choices, no one is forced to eat poorly, or to waste their lives by supporting commercialized nutrition.’