Definition of commercial bill in English:

commercial bill


  • A bill of exchange issued by a commercial organization to raise money for short-term needs.

    • ‘The most worrisome is their commercial bills amounting to 89 trillion won, nearly a third of which will meet their maturity this year.’
    • ‘The tax required that all newspapers, pamphlets, legal documents, commercial bills, advertisements, and other papers issued in the colonies bear a stamp.’
    • ‘During the '90s we have seen returns on bank deposits and commercial bills, particularly important to fixed-income earners, barely above the official CPI inflation levels, currently providing a real return of just over two per cent.’
    • ‘They do not apply to dealings by banks in other types of negotiable instruments such as promissory notes and commercial bills of exchange.’
    • ‘They quickly replaced the liquidity lost as a result of the disappearance of sterling commercial bills.’