Definition of commendatory in English:



  • Serving to present something as suitable for approval or acceptance.

    ‘a commendatory grin’
    • ‘So, I'm very commendatory of the President and his strong support.’
    • ‘He makes commendatory remarks concerning the President and the working relationship between the two men.’
    • ‘Word from the calypso association secretary may have branded Francis with a not too commendatory title.’
    • ‘‘If you have nothing commendatory to say, then say nothing at all.’’
    • ‘He serves his most commendatory blessing for this boy, the only one who he refers to as ‘son’ twice.’
    flattering, complimentary, highly favourable, enthusiastic, glowing, appreciative, praising, worshipping, worshipful, reverential, lionizing, blandishing, acclamatory, rhapsodic, eulogistic, laudatory, fulsome
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Mid 16th century: from late Latin commendatorius, from Latin commendare ‘commit to the care of’ (see commend).