Definition of commendatory in English:



  • Serving to present something as suitable for approval or acceptance.

    ‘a commendatory grin’
    • ‘He makes commendatory remarks concerning the President and the working relationship between the two men.’
    • ‘He serves his most commendatory blessing for this boy, the only one who he refers to as ‘son’ twice.’
    • ‘So, I'm very commendatory of the President and his strong support.’
    • ‘‘If you have nothing commendatory to say, then say nothing at all.’’
    • ‘Word from the calypso association secretary may have branded Francis with a not too commendatory title.’
    flattering, complimentary, highly favourable, enthusiastic, glowing, appreciative, praising, worshipping, worshipful, reverential, lionizing, blandishing, acclamatory, rhapsodic, eulogistic, laudatory, fulsome
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Mid 16th century: from late Latin commendatorius, from Latin commendare ‘commit to the care of’ (see commend).