Definition of commemoration in English:



  • 1[mass noun] The action or fact of commemorating a dead person or past event.

    ‘local martyrs received public commemoration’
    ‘the window was ordered by the duchess in commemoration of her son’
    • ‘The programme noted the milestone is in commemoration of a generation of Creative Expression and Human Development.’
    • ‘This is in commemoration of Christ's death on Good Friday.’
    • ‘There may be a few wet cheeks on Saturday in commemoration of one of the most bitter wars in South Africa.’
    • ‘The Royal Mail is releasing a stamp issue in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the publication of the book.’
    • ‘However, she insisted on participating in the commemoration ceremony on Sunday.’
    • ‘In commemoration of this, five teak saplings were also planted.’
    • ‘Her main stipulation was that the gallery be named in commemoration of both her own family and her husband's family, hence the name Govett-Brewster.’
    • ‘The painting was subsequently presented to former US president Franklin D. Roosevelt as a gift in commemoration of his third presidential inauguration.’
    • ‘Time stood still for two long minutes as several pairs of eyes - some moist and others aglow with fresh hope - witnessed the commemoration ceremony.’
    • ‘In fact, I believe we're going to plant a couple of trees here in commemoration of it at the very hour, at the very minute that it took place.’
    • ‘The foreign minister also expressed his sympathy personally to US President George Bush at the commemoration ceremony in the White House.’
    • ‘On Saturday last he planted a willow tree in commemoration of the event, surrounded by his friends.’
    • ‘Traditionally a red poppy is worn on Remembrance Sunday in commemoration of the war dead.’
    • ‘He commended them on the idea of planting the trees to mark the national organisations Diamond Jubilee and expressed the hope that the trees will survive for many years to come in commemoration of the occasion.’
    • ‘In commemoration of the event a 20 Baht coin has been struck.’
    • ‘In 1981 it was bottled in commemoration of the royal wedding of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana.’
    • ‘Each year Muslims throughout the world make sacrifices in commemoration of the willingness of him to sacrifice his son at God's command.’
    • ‘Several children busy themselves making red and white paper flags to decorate their classrooms in commemoration of the nation's Independence Day.’
    • ‘The event is held annually in commemoration of the founding of the Organization of the African Unity.’
    • ‘It was a historical fact that he the great constructed a building at that place in commemoration of his victory.’
    elegy, commemoration, obituary, funeral oration
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    1. 1.1[count noun]A ceremony or celebration in which a person or event is remembered.
      ‘commemorations of wartime anniversaries’
      • ‘Each year since 1796, commemorations of the key events are organised in Ireland.’
      • ‘The event was part of the council's commemorations of the 60th anniversary of the end of the war.’
      • ‘Limited editions are frequently produced, often based around special events and commemorations.’
      • ‘The commemorations to take place this month will be the last official one where veterans will come to relive their youth and honour their fallen comrades.’
      • ‘And so the commemorations were all just so much more moving than I had anticipated.’
      • ‘For those whose lives were touched by the Dunkirk evacuation, memories have been very real during its 60th anniversary commemorations.’
      • ‘The 60th commemorations of the greatest amphibious invasion in history will be the last big ceremony marking D-Day.’
      • ‘The memorials and commemorations will continue throughout the day.’
      • ‘It can be as small and personal a ceremony as a backyard commemoration for a much-loved grandparent and as large and inclusive as the dedication of a new park at Ground Zero in New York.’
      • ‘The special ceremony at the Russian consulate in Edinburgh will be part of the world-wide commemorations of the end of the most destructive conflict in world history.’
      • ‘As part of commemorations marking the 60th anniversary of VE and VJ days, the newspaper is planning a special feature.’
      • ‘The date of the commemoration is June 19th 2004.’
      • ‘Four days after bonfire night I took part, with thousands of people all round the country, in another commemoration - Remembrance Sunday.’
      • ‘To provide further service, the company is trying to arrange commemorations for families who choose sea burials.’
      • ‘Recent days have seen a series of commemorations of defining events in the past century of Bulgarian history.’
      • ‘Unsung heroes of the Second World War are being urged to take part in special commemorations in the run-up to the 60th anniversary of the war ending.’
      • ‘The city of London will come to a standstill as many workers who lost friends and colleagues and companies which lost staff hold silent commemorations.’
      • ‘It is hoped the new building will be opened to visitors early next year, well in time for the 200th anniversary commemorations of the Battle of Trafalgar.’
      • ‘An historic and nostalgic week of commemorations is under way to remember the momentous events in Normandy 60 years ago.’
      • ‘The heroism of the wartime generation will be saluted by two days of commemorations in Yorkshire this weekend.’


Late Middle English: from Latin commemoratio(n-), from the verb commemorare bring to remembrance (see commemorate).