Definition of commando knife in English:

commando knife


  • A long, slender knife suitable for hand-to-hand combat.

    • ‘A casual handshake was followed by a brisk arm lock and, with the enemy disabled, it was a simple matter to plunge the double-edged commando knife into the victim's torso.’
    • ‘Squall kicked the commando knife clear and moved behind him.’
    • ‘He's dressed in camouflage gear, whittling away at a branch with a six inch commando knife.’
    • ‘‘The knives we are coming across are not commando knives, daggers or flick-knives, they are often kitchen knives, which are necessary for everyday domestic life,’ he said.’
    • ‘He was actually slightly smaller than me, but he carried a six inch commando knife, so people tended to avoid upsetting him.’
    • ‘Some of the weapons date back to the 19th century, and were looted from dead British soldiers during the Afghan wars, but there are plenty of more modern rifles and handguns available, along with fearsome commando knives.’
    • ‘He had a 15 ft rope coiled around his chest and a commando knife strapped in his belt.’
    • ‘But yesterday, the army said the trio had no firearms, just one commando knife and one kitchen knife.’
    • ‘He dropped the money and picked up the gleaming commando knife, scraping it across the glass.’
    • ‘A ban on the sale of ‘offensives weapons’, such as commando knives and machetes which can still be bought on Scotland's streets, is being planned.’
    • ‘He was armed with a commando knife and was carrying five million francs for local supplies and wages for the French Resistance.’