Definition of Commander of the Faithful in English:

Commander of the Faithful


  • One of the titles of a caliph.

    • ‘The devout son of a poor farmer from Mewand district in south-west Afghanistan, Omar is said to have been elected as Commander of the Faithful (amir-ul momineen) early in the Taliban war with the opposition Northern Alliance.’
    • ‘We surprised the enemy once and downed an airplane when he tried to storm the house of the Commander of the Faithful.’
    • ‘The Commander of the Faithful would encourage us from time to time to be economical in the use of Kalashnikov ammunition, due to [its] scarcity.’
    • ‘His poorest brother of the blackest face is on the same social standing as the all powerful shadow of God upon Earth, the Commander of the Faithful.’
    • ‘Angered by their cavalier attitude to authority, the Commander of the Faithful dispatched messengers to summon the conquerors of Spain to the capital; they never saw Europe again.’