Definition of Command Paper in English:

Command Paper


  • (in the UK) a document laid before Parliament by order of the Crown, though in practice by the government.

    • ‘It is arranged alphabetically by subject and lists in the order of Bills, Command Papers and House of Commons Papers.’
    • ‘The Government has made arrangements for this Command Paper to be available electronically via the Internet.’
    • ‘The Command Paper makes clear that the Government will retain the flexibility to set up future quota-based low-skilled schemes to meet temporary labour shortages.’
    • ‘A list of Command Papers from 2001 onwards is available on this website with links to the Command Papers where known.’
    • ‘This includes House of Commons Bills, House of Commons Papers and Command Papers.’
    • ‘As is stated in ‘Protecting the Public’ (the Command Paper of the Home Office published in November 2002 page 21).’
    • ‘In order to assist searching, departments should consider placing Command Papers in directories named after an individual Command Paper's number.’
    • ‘During the eighteenth century, Command Papers were printed as appendices to the House of Commons Journal.’
    • ‘The series of Command Papers published so far have been numbered as follows.’
    • ‘All Command Papers published from May 2005 onwards are available on the Official Documents site.’