Definition of command line in English:

command line


  • An interface for typing commands directly to a computer's operating system.

    • ‘I can see why proper programmers like the command line so much.’
    • ‘There is nothing here that you couldn't do from the command line: the idea is to make it convenient so that you will do it.’
    • ‘The configuration file contains a number of parameters that can be set there rather than at the command line.’
    • ‘Since I was no longer able to access ANY of my files from the command line, I decided to reboot the system.’
    • ‘Also, you can handle the program through the command line, which may seem to you more convenient and fast.’
    • ‘These are exactly the same parameters you would use on the command line.’
    • ‘The Unix command line, with its shell languages, maintains this easy, text-only approach.’
    • ‘To check that email is working correctly, send yourself an email from the command line as follows.’
    • ‘Because we are specifying an option on the command line, we are certain the options will not be overridden as they take precedence.’
    • ‘Each of the scripts would be quite easy to run from the command line.’
    • ‘On the new product, I can log on and run things from a command line and do it a lot faster.’
    • ‘You also can specify the starting directory on the command line if you wish.’
    • ‘With this completed, I moved data between the machines effortlessly from the command line.’
    • ‘Put in whatever commands you need to run to start your program from the command line.’
    • ‘Having written this down, you may now reboot the system and enter this on the command line.’
    • ‘If a filename is specified on the command line, that filename will be used to log the process accounting information.’
    • ‘This places the command on the command line at a normal prompt, and I now can edit it as if I just typed it in.’
    • ‘You can start Asterisk by typing asterisk at the command line.’
    • ‘Each distribution has its own method of configuring network cards, so here we use the command line.’
    • ‘This tool works well for those not accustomed to a command line.’