Definition of coming and going (or comings and goings) in English:

coming and going (or comings and goings)


  • Busy, active movements of many people, especially in and out of a place.

    ‘yesterday's comings and goings outside Number 10’
    • ‘Can't help speculating, though, and putting stories together as I watch the comings and goings from the window and from my idle wanderings.’
    • ‘I like the noise and bustle and the comings and goings.’
    • ‘It may be, however, that after years of working in an office he is enjoying being at the heart of his home, aware for the first time of the comings and goings of his family.’
    • ‘She loved all the comings and goings with cars and rallying.’
    • ‘And please keep your eyes open up there for the comings and goings of the rich and famous this morning.’
    • ‘A bulletin board keeps track of their comings and goings.’
    • ‘Yet I could have constructed a timetable of their comings and goings, their daily habits and activities.’
    • ‘My dad came from a family of twelve kids (six girls, six boys), so there was a lot of comings and goings on that day.’
    • ‘Like a series of fishtanks, the interior is constantly animated by the comings and goings of building users and staff.’
    • ‘This means that stores could track each customer's comings and goings.’
    activity, bustle, hustle and bustle, hurly-burly, commotion, tumult, hubbub, brouhaha, busyness, action, liveliness, animation, movement, life, excitement, agitation, fuss, flurry, stir, whirl
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