Definition of comic opera in English:

comic opera


  • An opera that portrays humorous situations and characters, enhanced by much spoken dialogue.

    ‘a new recording of Rossini's frothiest comic opera’
    mass noun ‘he looked like a character from comic opera’
    • ‘The serious work is good; the comic operas incomparable.’
    • ‘This recording from the International Arts Festival last year is a comic opera about a string quartet on tour.’
    • ‘There's a certain subset of opera fans who dismiss Rossini comic operas with a haughty wave.’
    • ‘One of the last original musical genres to appear in Italy, the comic opera poked fun at the opera seria and its austere rules, while giving new publicity to music among the masses.’
    • ‘It's on those three Mozart collaborations - the greatest comic operas ever written - that Da Ponte's fame rests.’
    • ‘Readers who are familiar with the comic operas of Gilbert and Sullivan will remember that one of them, ‘Iolanthe,’ includes a lord chancellor who sings the immortal lines.’
    • ‘Falstaff was Verdi's first comic opera and did away with the concept of separate musical numbers.’
    • ‘He often drew on the comic operas of the period for his stories.’
    • ‘Le Nozze di Figaro comes with its own introduction, being one of the most popular comic operas for two centuries.’
    • ‘Hoffman is essentially a light comic opera, but there were moments of sheer wonderfulness, most notably a trio in the second act which was then joined by the chorus, and I just floated away to another place.’
    • ‘They are men and women in blue, numbering 15, and all set to treat you to a feast of a comic opera.’
    • ‘This comic opera is a favorite of companies around the world.’
    • ‘Then Gilbert is dragged by his wife to an exhibition of Japanese culture, which inspires him to write an entirely new comic opera - The Mikado.’
    • ‘As far as foot-tapping, comic opera goes, they don't come much better than The Mikado.’
    • ‘Cast and crew of Kendal and District Gilbert and Sullivan Society are tuning up for their next dose of comic opera.’
    • ‘Yes, The Marriage of Figaro is one of the wonderful comic operas most people would enjoy.’
    • ‘In the much-loved comic opera about love, hypocrisy and mistaken identities, the Baptists were fantastic.’
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