Definition of comeback in English:



  • 1A return by a well-known person, especially an entertainer or sports player, to the activity in which they have formerly been successful.

    ‘the heavyweight champion is set to make his comeback in England’
    as modifier ‘a comeback tour’
    • ‘With a paucity of big men in the East, he could garner All-Star consideration, which would make his comeback story almost unbelievable.’
    • ‘Failed comeback attempts, like successful ones, are a staple of baseball history, a feature of every season.’
    • ‘He will pull down the curtain on his illustrious career on Sunday, May 20-and then make his comeback three weeks later.’
    • ‘Perhaps if Fonda decides to make her comeback more permanent, she could change all that.’
    • ‘The player also expressed confidence that he would soon make his comeback to the Indian team ahead of the Athens Olympics in August.’
    • ‘Every additional document that surfaces seems more like a comeback attempt from the depths of the archives than a work of literature.’
    • ‘Capriati is the woman of the moment and one of the best comeback stories in sport.’
    • ‘DuBois instead threw his support behind Roosevelt's attempt at a comeback campaign as a Progressive.’
    • ‘However, they turned it up to the next level, staging a valiant comeback attempt, only to fall short, losing 6-4.’
    • ‘The team's strong work ethic was evident in the inspired comeback attempt against heavily-favored Cornell.’
    • ‘This unexpected gesture appears to have motivated him to make his comeback attempt most serious.’
    • ‘The Yankees made a comeback attempt that fell short, and a stunned crowd, which had been amped to celebrate a World Series trip, filed out.’
    • ‘But she has lacked the motivation to make her comeback.’
    • ‘Broken and battered, he is receiving as little notice for his comeback attempt as he did for his fall from grace.’
    • ‘She was initially uncertain because, despite a successful comeback tour two years back, she officially retired eight years ago.’
    • ‘He is due to make his comeback after injury in the reserves tomorrow, and will be a shoo-in.’
    • ‘After a 2000 comeback attempt that was hampered by a leg injury, Miller retired from competition.’
    • ‘The record company, meanwhile, has been wondering out loud whether her suit was a mere publicity stunt ahead of a comeback attempt.’
    • ‘There will, of course, be the tearful interviews, but it is also believed the star will attempt a comeback CD.’
    • ‘Too many hurried shots from unlikely angles hampered their comeback attempt.’
    resurgence, recovery, return, rally, upturn, revival, rebound
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    1. 1.1 A return to fashion of an item, activity, or style.
      ‘trouser suits are making acomeback’
      • ‘After a 54-year absence, beauty contests are making a comeback in China now that the government has finally lifted its ban on such pageants.’
      • ‘Who would have thought that cargos would make such a quick comeback?’
      • ‘He says the company has good prospects going forward with carpet reportedly making a comeback as a fashion trend.’
      • ‘It has been around for centuries in various shapes and sizes, and now the little silver version is enjoying a comeback at smart parties and family occasions.’
      • ‘Punk fashion is the comeback that never went away.’
      • ‘But, just like flares and fancy shoes, it is making a fashion comeback.’
      • ‘And I think spats are going to make a comeback in men's fashion.’
      • ‘The Polynesian craze of mid-century America has made a comeback in fashion, collectibles, interior decor and art.’
      • ‘The old idea of the feast is having a comeback as more people recognize the value of such events for family and social cohesion, and as under-standing develops of the dangers of incomplete mourning.’
      • ‘You need this, not just because the skirt suit has staged a comeback to the fashion arena but because it is possible to look professional, put-together and sexy at the same time.’
      • ‘But recently fur has made quite a comeback in fashion circles, and many of those same models are once again appearing on runways decked out in fur rather than in their birthday suits.’
      • ‘As well, we both know that square toes shoes will make a comeback as soon as fashion marketers have found a way to lace every man in pointy shoes.’
      • ‘Odds are if you feel a style isn't apropos for you on its fashion comeback, you are probably being honest with yourself.’
      • ‘With all reports of the 1980's making a fashion comeback, will shoe tops be cut back as well?’
      • ‘Besides his exquisitely tooled creations, he is credited with having invented the platform sole and wedge heel, which have had a recent comeback in fashion.’
      • ‘The famed Kashmiri phiran, which is a legacy of the early centuries, has made a fashion comeback with a contemporary idiom.’
      • ‘Only recently have the shoes started making a comeback in the trendy cultures as a way of reversing the ‘cool’ effect of the corporate titles.’
  • 2informal A quick reply to a critical remark.

    ‘some of my best comebacks just go right over people's heads’
    • ‘Since I came here I've been on the defensive, it didn't take long to perfect my quick cutting comebacks, and they always lead me to say things like that, without thinking.’
    • ‘I debated whether to retort with a witty comeback or to not pay attention to him.’
    • ‘As an actress, Vikki always had quick comebacks ready, in case she forgot a line.’
    • ‘She'd had ready comebacks, quick and witty and tough.’
    • ‘They lead to sometimes-cordial responses but usually indignant comebacks, and that makes me equally irate.’
    • ‘They did what the wanted when they wanted, they said whatever they pleased and they tore others down faster than you could figure out your own comeback to the snippy replies.’
    • ‘I mean, obviously you can just go down to decimal places, but I didn't like there being a comeback that I couldn't immediately respond to.’
    • ‘I'm terrible at fashioning snappy comebacks to surreal arguments, but I do pride myself on re-engineering odd bureaucratic strange-loops.’
    • ‘Finding herself without a quick comeback, Angel resorted to juvenile tactics.’
    • ‘Ever had someone toss an insult your way and found yourself wanting a snappy comeback but unable to think one up quick enough?’
    • ‘I thought about responding with a biting comeback, perhaps in Latin.’
    • ‘She was the fighter in our group; she could make a tough girl cry with her endless barrage of snotty remarks and catty comebacks.’
    • ‘The robot blinked once, accessing its database of snappy comebacks before selecting an answer.’
    • ‘I opened my mouth to retaliate, but the comeback would not leave my tongue.’
    • ‘A brief silence followed, in which she tried to retaliate with a clever comeback and he frowned angrily at the ground.’
    • ‘You'd always ignore it or answer with a cool comeback.’
    • ‘It was one that they heard often and was said when someone could not think of a comeback to a snide remark quickly enough.’
    • ‘Drawing on years of quick comebacks, he sniffed.’
    • ‘My quick wit helped me think of a comeback for that one.’
    • ‘Always first with the one-liners and quickest at comebacks?’
    retort, riposte, return, rejoinder, counter, retaliation, sally
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    1. 2.1mass noun The opportunity to seek redress.
      ‘there's no comeback if he messes up your case’
      • ‘We have no comeback now but to take the matter to court which is a very expensive option but one that we're going to talk about.’
      • ‘If the Minister does not like what the commissioner is saying, doing, or writing, then he or she can remove the commissioner without any recompense or comeback at all.’
      • ‘We approach power as supplicants; we have no redress or comeback, indeed no knowledge of how it works; we accept what our politicians hand down in the name of a hereditary leader.’
      compensation, reparation, restitution, recompense, repayment, damages, indemnity, indemnification
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  • 3Australian NZ A sheep bred from cross-bred and pure-bred parents for both wool and meat.