Definition of come up against (or hit) a brick wall in English:

come up against (or hit) a brick wall


  • Face an insuperable problem or obstacle while trying to do something.

    ‘at this age when you come up against a brick wall, you do sometimes feel like screaming with frustration’
    • ‘But growth in the domestic cider market looks to have hit a brick wall.’
    • ‘I have talked to many people, but I keep hitting a brick wall.’
    • ‘When you talk to your partner, it feels as though you're hitting a brick wall.’
    • ‘I'm hitting a brick wall in trying to choose a good school and getting the hands-on experience I need.’
    • ‘Each time he tried to get in, it was as if he were hitting a brick wall.’
    • ‘How will you respond when the new market segment hits a brick wall?’
    • ‘Will efforts to end the election crisis hit a brick wall?’
    • ‘Sadly, this approach seemingly hit a brick wall too.’
    • ‘The dancer's biggest frustrations surface when she hits a brick wall with a choreographer and nothing seems to work.’
    • ‘We stood up to the competition and delivered a good service, but we hit a brick wall.’